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  • The Prentice study is a large study and collecting all the data is a large task
  • If you have queries with regard to people you are researching, I may have the data but if not I will try and help you find it!
  • I will keep a record of the progress I make with data collection on this page
England, Wales and Scotland

Births, Marriages and Deaths 1837 - 1950

When I originally started keeping a record of my progress I was collecting the data for I was collecting for 1837-1911, I have now extended this to 1837-1950

An increasing number of the marriages have been confirmed by either marriage certificate or parish records.  The place of marriage, the names of both parties to the marriage and the name of the father is known.

There are 4658 births, 2,339 Marriages and 2,688 deaths in England and Wales.  Some of the data is linked therefore I know the dates of birth and marriage for some people and the dates of birth marriage and death for others although for most of the people in England and Wales linkage is ongoing

I am currently baptisms for England and Wales, I have not yet started to collect any data for Ireland although I have collected some data for areas outside of the United Kingdom.
Global Data

I am starting to collect global data for people with the Prentice surname when I see it.  This is a slow process, is ongoing and will take a significant amount of time to complete


Boer War - 38 men

World War One - 737 men and 1 woman of which 82 men died.  Full data collection of military records has only currently been completed in the United Kingdom and Australia which is reflected in the figures below. When I find additional service personnel their data  is added.  156 of these men have service records that are available on Ancestry
  • Australia - 36 men and one woman
  • Canada - 6 men
  • New Zealand - 1 man
  • South Africa - 2 men 
  • United Kingdom 690
  • United States of America - 2 men
World War Two - I have not currently added this data but am conscious that this is something that I need to look at.

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