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William Prentis of Williamsburg, Virginia, United States of America

William Prentis was the son of William and Sarah Prentis.  

He was their first born child and was born c 1699 in Dukes Place, St. James, London.  His mother Sarah died c. 1708 in London when William was nine years of age.

William emigrated to the Americas and arrived in Williamsburg in the early 1700's..

This is a photo postcard of the Prentis house.

This is a photo postcard of the Prentis house gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, U.S.A.  It would appear to be a fairly modern photograph with relatively modern buildings, although there was a much earlier Prentis House at this location.

In the book, The Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg, the authors describe the origins of the earliest Prentis House in Williamsburg.

''The Prentis House at the north-east corner of Duke of Gloucester and Botetcourt Streets was the home of the family of a prosperous and influential merchant.  Early York County records show that the property was purchased in 1712 by John Brooke from the Williamsburg trustees.  In 1725 he sold the house to his son-in-law William Prentis.  Although William Prentis was the orphaned son of a London baker, research concludes that he recieved a thorough grounding in book-keeping, accounting and penmanship at Christ's Hospital in London, before being apprenticed to Archibald Blair of Williamsburg.

William Prentis and his wife Mary Brooke had six children, they were Daniel, Elizabeth, William, John, Sarah and Joseph. 

One of his grandsons, John B Prentice was a well-known slave-trader.

As per previous posts, if you know anything about this house or William Prentis could you drop me a line, thank you :)

Book: The Gardens of Colonial Williamsburg by M. Kent Brinkley and Gordon W Chappell

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