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Brigadier Reginald A G Prentice O.B.E.

I am trying to research the family tree of Reginald A G Prentice and am having difficulties, I would be grateful for any help with this tree. I would also be interested in any links to good genealogy websites in Africa as I am researching other people in Africa.

Reginald A G Prentice was born c 1922.  There is no evidence that Reginald was born in England, Scotland or Wales, it is quite likely that he was born in one of the commonwealth countries of Africa such as Rhodesia or the Central African Protectorate (now Malawi).

There is evidence of Reginald A G Prentice on a shipping record of the Edinburgh Castle that departed Southampton England for Cape Town, South Africa on the 31st Dec 1953.  Reginald was stated to be a Captain in the Army and had been living with his wife Yvonne and unnamed son at an address in Twickenham prior to sailing.  His future place of residence was stated to be Rhodesia.

There is further evidence of Reginald A G Prentice arriving in Southampton from Durban, South Africa with his wife Yvonne on the 4th Jan 1955.  They were both traveling on British passports that were issued in Rhodesia.  Their place of last residence and of future intended residence was Rhodesia.

While in the Rhodesian Army Reginald eventually achieved the rank of Brigadier and was awarded the O.B.E.

He later became the Chair of the Governors at St Stephens Boys College at Balla Balla near Bullaweyo, Zambia (formerly Rhodesia) until 30 Apr 1972 and headmaster from 1 May 1973 until the school closed in 1975.  St Stephens School primarily closed due to the loss of the majority of the students when the border between South Africa and Zambia was closed. 

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