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Sunday, March 10, 2013

William Prentice

William Prentice was born in Woolwich, London in c 1814.  He was born prior to Civil Registration in England, therefore there is little information relating to his birth.  He is thought to be the son of Jean Paterson and William Prentice

William was convicted of housebreaking  at Aberdeen Court of Judiciary on the 15th Apr 1828 and sentenced to 14 years transportation to Tasmania, Australia (also known as Van Diemen's Land)

During the late 18th and 19th centuries, large numbers of convicted criminals from Great Britain were transported to Australian penal colonies by the British Government in an attempt to reduce the pressure on the overburdoned prison system within Great Britain

On the 15th Jul 1828, aged 14 William began the journey to Tasmania on the ship R.M.S. Manlius, which is confirmed on the New South Wales and Tasmania Convict Musters for 1806 - 1849.  It is estimated that the ship arrived in Tasmania on about the 15th Mar 1829

At this time most convicts were either retained by the Government for public works or assigned to private individuals as a form of indentured labour.  William was assigned to a private individual towards the end of his sentence who was the local police constable

The New South Wales and Tasmania Convict Pardons and Tickets of Leave, 1834-1859, confirm that William Prentice was given a pardon in 1840 and became a free man

On the 8th November 1843, William married Elizabeth Woodland in Tasmania although their daughter Celia Phyllis Prentice was born on the 7th Jan 1837 in Hobart, Tasmania while William was still a prisoner although he would have been assigned to the local police constable at that time

Elizabeth Woodland was from Bristol in England arrived in Hobart, Tasmania in 1836 on board the ship Boadicea, as a free passenger

Their children were:
  • Celia Phyllis Prentice - 1837 - 1901
  • William David Prentice - 1844 - 1902
  • Henry Charles Prentice - 1846 - 1902
  • Mary Ann Prentice - 1850 - 1938
  • Emily Jane Prentice - 1858 - 1906
  • Janet Prentice - 1861 - 1950
William David Prentice Married Mary Ann Murphy in 1874 and Elizabeth Bowe in 1879

The children with Mary Ann Murphy were:
  • Eliza Jane (1875-1880)
  • Emily (1876-1876)

The children with Elizabeth Bowe were:
  • William David(1882-1941)
  • George Henry (1885-1918) KIA WW1
  • Albert Charles (1887-1916) KIA WW1
  • Margaret Louisa(1889-1931)
  • Eva (1891-1893)
  • Eva (1893-1893)
  • John James Bowe (1895-1937)
  • Clarence (1897-1978)
  • Doris Petoria (1900-????)
  • Thomas David (1903-1963)


  1. William, William David, Albert Charles (KIA WW1), Albert William, Robert Albert, Brett William, that's my descendant line.



  2. Hello Brett, thank you for your comment which does validate the research I have already done on this family. I have just added all Albert Charles Prentice's brothers and sisters to this tree, but I can now see that there is a lot of work yet to be done. Thanks for your help. Dianne