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Saturday, March 2, 2013

John Prentice

John Prentice was born within the parish of Harpenden St Nicholas in Harpenden, Hertfordshire on the 9th Sep 1813.  He was the son of William and Sarah Prentice and at the time of John's birth his father was employed as a labourer.  John was the sixth child and the second son to be born to William and Sarah although at least two of those children died at around the time of John's birth

John was baptised on the 31st October at Harpenden St Nicholas in Hertfordshire

John married Eliza Bigg on the 31st Oct 1837 in in the parish of Harpenden St Nicholas, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. On the census of 1841, both John and Eliza Prentice are seen to be living in one room in Harpenden, they are both from Hertfordshire, both aged 25 and John is employed as an agricultural labourer

Their children of John and Eliza Prentice are:
  • William Prentice - born on the 9th Jan 1842 in Harpenden 
  • George Prentice - born on the 12th Jan 1845 in Harpenden

In 1847 Eliza died in Harpenden and so at the age of 31 a new life would begin for John as a widower with two very young children although this wasn't to be for long because on the 8th July 1849 John married Mary Anne Gregory (nee Swain) at Harpenden St Nicholas.  Mary Ann was widowed in 1848 and also had young children

On the census of 1851 John and Mary Ann are living in the village of Harpenden, John is 37 and Mary is 41.  John has two children, William and George by Eliza and Mary Ann has three children, Charlotte, George and William by her deceased former husband John Gregory.  John is an agricultural labourer and Mary Ann is employed, although the type of employment is unknown

The child of John and Mary Ann Prentice is:
  • James Prentice who was born in 1850 
John died on the 13th November 1852 at his home in The Village, Harpenden.  He had been suffering from consumption (TB) for seven weeks and his step daughter Charlotte Gregory was with him when he died.  This left both of his sons by Eliza, William and George with no living parent and his son James by Mary Ann with no living father.  Mary Ann was also widowed again for the second time in four years and with six children to look after

On the census of 1861, Mary Ann is aged 51 and is still at home with Charlotte Gregory, George Prentice and James Prentice who is now ten years old.  Mary Ann is working as a laundress, Charlotte Gregory is working as a bonnet sewer, George Prentice is working as an agricultural labourer and James is a scholar.  William Prentice has moved to Lillings Ambo in Yorkshire where he was working for George Buttler as a farm servant, better known as an agricultural labourer

On the 23rd Nov 1870, William Prentice married Mary Nicholls at Dunnington, Yorkshire

On the census of 1871, Mary Ann is living at the home of her daughter Charlotte and husband John Harris, who is a farm bailiff in Harpenden village along with William Gregory and James Prentice.  Mary Ann is working as a mangle woman, William Gregory is working as a miller and James Prentice is working as a painter.

William Prentice is living in York Street, Dunnington with his wife Mary (nee Nicholls) and Sarah Elizabeth, his daughter of two days.  William is working as a farm labourer. 

On the 29th April 1871 George Prentice married Sophie Bassill at Harpenden, Hertfordshire and they had five children.  (I have not found George Prentice on the 1871 census)

On the 25th May 1877 James married Ann Etchell Hurst at Dukinfield, Chesshire and they had three children

The children of William and Mary Prentice (nee Nicholls) are:
  • Sarah, born A1871 (see editors note below)
  • Rose, born 29th December 1872 and married Frederick W Hawkin on the 12th Dec 1894 at Dunnington, Yorkshire,
  • Eleanor, born 4th Jan 1875 and married Thomas Rycroft on the 28th Dec 1896 at the Register Office, York, Yorkshire
  • John, born 23rd Apr 1877 and married Kate Hartas on the 19th Jan 1910 at The Parish Church, Wheldrake Yorkshire
  • Emily, born 22nd Aug 1879
  • Mary, born 1881 and married Joseph Dalton on the 13th Dec 1899 at The Parish Church, Dunnington, Yorkshire
The children of George and Sophie Prentice (nee Bassill) were
  • William George, born 1873
  • Ernest, born 1874
  • Emily Sophia, born 1876
  • Annie Louisa, born 1878
  • Arthur John, born 1882
The children of James and Ann Udall Prentice (nee Hurst) were
  • Arthur Prentice, born 1878
  • George Prentice, born 1883
  • Alice Prentice, born 1883

Editors note
  • Sarah Elizabeth, child of William and Mary Prentice who was born in 1871 appears on the 1871 census at two days of age but on the 1881 census there is no Sarah Elizabeth Prentice but there is a Mary Elizabeth Prentice aged 10.  A birth certificate was issued for Sarah Elizabeth Prentice on the 10th May 1871 (about six weeks after her birth) which gave plenty of time to be sure about the names however there was a baptism for Mary Elizabeth Prentice with the correct parents and in the correct village on the 9th Jul 1871.  Why were the names changed??

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